Welcome to OpenDCC Forum

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Welcome to OpenDCC Forum

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this forum is intended as platform to exchange information between users of BiDiB and/or OpenDCC + OpenCar. We want to share ideas about the future development of model railways electronics and to have fun on our passion.

If you want to join, please regard the following items:

:arrow: There is a Q/A (not too difficult) during registering, only after the correct answer the registration will be processed further.
:arrow: Every registration is reviewed by the admins.
:arrow: No access with one-time mail accounts.
:arrow: Whenever we have doubt, we will contact you and ask about a personal comment.
:arrow: @all spammers: do not attempt to register to this forum! You will NOT succeed! EVERY registration will be manually checked and in case of any doubt we will ask about details. No registration with hotmail or gmail account! (If you really want to use gmail, please send us an application by email and we will whitelist this address)

We are happy if you share your knowledge and help other users.

Best regards

W. Kufer
Mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards

Wolfgang Kufer
http://www.opendcc.de, http://www.bidib.org